There will be five workshops, each one dealing with one topic and a specific opening problem that will be announced and published (here) shortly before the beginning of the forum, as they are geared to politically up-to-date occurrences, concerning the whole European community.

What each workshop deals with

  • Matters concerning young people,
  • Europe as a community,
  • Problems we share in Europe,
  • Our different points of view and
  • how we can solve these problems together.


  • Human rights and justice
  • Communication and the media
  • Medicine/public health service
  • Economics and society
  • Neo-liberalism and post-democracy

Last year's workshops dealt with

  • Manipulation and means of the media
  • Knowledge-management and health system
  • Subsidies of the EU and genetic manipulation
  • Financial system and the question of solidarity
  • Realization and implementation of renewable energies